SATU Text Games is a community of Interactive Fiction Game makers and Players bringing the Text Adventures Games back to 21st century. At SATU Text Games you can play and create Multi-selection Text Adventure Games (Or as some would like say: Interactive Fiction). The SATU - Text Game Maker is a powerful Game Development platform with an easy learning curve and the best part is that registering, playing and creating is free!

SATU - Text Game Maker

With SATU - Text Game Maker you can easily create simple or complex text adventure games. SATU Games are composion of levels, screens, items and actions. You can make a simple movement game from screen to screen, level to level or you can add complexity to it by using items and actions.

With Themes you create the looks for your game. Themes can be either Traditional or Oldskool. In Traditional you can use background images, different kind of fonts, multiple text colors etc. In Oldskool themes you create theme using ANSI-graphics And 16-color palette.

SATU - Text Game Maker Is easy to use with a short learning curve. If you get stuck you can check the manual for help or examine the example game which can be loaded to the Game Maker.

The Text Game Maker works in modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, And IE11 & Edge. The Maker also works in latest mobile browsers however the combatibility to mobile/tablet browsers is not guaranteed

Official Apps

Are still under development. The estimated publish time is in Spring 2016. Games can already be easily played with mobile/tablet platforms with the browser. The software is going to be published at least on Android and IOS platforms.


But Why multi-selection instead of command-line? (like in the good ol' text games)

Well the thing is that typing with a tablet (or even worse with a mobile phone) would drive every player mad (if they even would give it a try) in ten seconds. Multi-selection is very smooth way to play on any platform and do not underestimate how complex games you can create with SATU - Text Games Maker

Ye it's pretty complex to move from screen to screen.

Not quite. In SATU - Text Game Maker you can also, beside the movements, create items which player can pick up and use in the screens and create actions which can (but are not obligated to) require items. Items can also be gained from actions. Sign up/in and explore the Text Game Maker to learn more about items and actions

So what's this thing about "Oldskool-look"?

It's ANSI, baby! In practical sense, you can create a text game that looks exaclty like text games you would have created in an original DOS-enviroment. You can also use the Oldskool Theme Editor to simply create your own ANSI art. You can export your arts in .png format.

What are the system requirements?

In any platform Windows, MacOS X, Linux with a Modern Browser including Google Chrome 30+, Mozilla Firefox 34+, Safari 8+, Internet Explorer 11 or Edge. SATU - Text Game Maker shoud work also with latest mobile/tablet browsers but the compatibility is not guaranteed. Game play with mobile/tablet browser works.